Premium crop =single, textured heads with small, firm buds on thick, tender stems
Packman = large-beaded; good head weight

Brussel Sprouts

Royal Marvel = uniform 1-inch sprouts; round and dark green for early harvest; good for fresh/frozen preparation
Franklin = early-maturing; round-oval and firm sprouts; tall plants with less woody stalks so whole stem harvest possible


Gold mark = Compact, early, split-resistent variety for solid, 6-inch heads with mild; sweet flavor; white, juicy interior with small core
Ruby Perfection = slow to bolt (going to seed)
Stonehead = nearly round heads; excellent holding and yellow resistent


Cheddar = 25% more beta carotene than standard white types; excellent source of Vitamin A; dome-shaped heads
Snow Crown = vigorous grower; good for fresh/frozen use


Burpless = smooth, dark green fruit; very compact and productive
Burpless Supreme = sweet, dark green fruit; many seedless
Bush Crop = bush-type habit for small gardens/containers; abundant crop of straight cucumbers 
Bush Pickle = pickling cucumber; bush-type habit for small gardens/containers; crisp and tender with cool, mild taste
Lemon = unique variety; abundant small, round, yellow fruit; late producing; sweet and flavorful; good raw and pickled
Salad Crop = compact dark green fruit; compact, uniform and tasty; good for growing on fences and trellises
Summer Top = high yeild of very uniform, burpless 3 to 3.5 oz fruit; deep green with white spines; heat tolerant
Sweet Slice = vigorous, productive, dark green fruit; cylindrical and burpless


Black Beauty = dark purple; 24 to 28-inch plants
Little Finger = dark purple; slim, 6 to 8-inch fruit in clusters of 3 to 6; spineless for easy picking
Rosa Bianca = light pink with white shading; Italian heirloom; meaty and mild; 5 to 8-inch fruit; 30-inch plant


Ambrosia = extra sweet; heavily netted with no ribs
Hale's Best = heirloom variety; high yields; flavorful, orange-fleshed fruit
Goldstar = oval; deep stures; great flavor
Early Dew = smooth; firm, green flesh with excellent flavor; good for northern climates

Pepper Sweet Bell

Bell Boy = strong, sturdy; abundant, sthick-wallede, 4-lobed fruit
Better Bell = early, tasty variety; blocky, thick-walled, 4-lobed fruit; maintains large fruit size and production all season
Big Bertha = dark, green-leafed plants keep fruit under good cover; sweet, thick-walled, 4-lobed; maintains large fruit size and production all season
Chocolate Beauty = sweet, non-pungent fruit; performance and habits of bell types
Golden Summer = vigorous, main-season variety; smooth, blocky, medium-sized fruit
Purple Beauty = blocky, thick walled fruit; sweet and mild flavor; easy to grow
Red Beauty = early, prolific variety; , thick-walled, 4-lobed fruit

Pepper Sweet long

Carmen Italian = distinctive, tapered Italian bull's horn style fruit; medium-thick; very sweet raw or cooked; earlier and more widely adapted than others
Gypsy = vigorous, continuous-fruiting; abundance of very sweet, wedge-shaped fruit
Sweet Banana = (Sweet Hungarian); medium-thick walls; banana type

Pepper Hot

Ceyenne = comact, cascading plants; well-suited for baskets and planters; large, hot, bright ornge fruit
Hungarian Hot Wax = (Hot Banana); early; medium-thick walls
Jalapeno = pungent, sweet-hot flavor; thick-walled fruit; vigorous plants
Habanero = second hottest pepper available; thin-walled fruit; wrinkles at maturity
Hot Cherry = round fruit


Spirit = semi bush; spread 6 feet


Balls zucchini = extra- early; exceptionally high yeilds; slender, straight, glossy fruit
Blue Hubbard = 
Buttercup Squash 
Early Butternut = gold, smooth-skinned fruit; compact, semi-bush variety
Delicata = 
Spaghetti = oblong, mid-sized yellow fruit; tasty, pasta-like interior; varvested in late summer/fall; can be stored several months in cool/dry location
Summer crookneck = 
Taybelle = acorn squash matures from dark green to jet balck; semi-bush; good for higher-density planting
Yellow straightneck = uniform yello fruit; open bushy plant


Ball Beefsteak = easy to manage; short internodes on compact plants; uniform shoulder color and consistently good tast; grow staked, caged or as a bush
Better Boy = well known for consistent performance
Big Beef = excellent disease resistance; unequaled yield; outstanding flavor
Burpee Big Boy = large fruit with smooth skin; good yields 
Celebrity = widely adapted; falvorful fruit with crack resistance
Early Girl = very early maturing variety with great flavor
Jet Star = 
La Roma Red = pear-shaped, fleshy fruit
Sunny Boy = (lemon boy); bright yellow; sweet fruit on large plants
Patio = good for container growing 
Red Grape Santa = 
Sweet 100 = clusters of up to 100 fruits; high sugar level
Red Robin = 
Yellow Pear = pear-shaped, yellow fruit


Sugar Baby = sweet; fine-textured, medium red flesh; dark green skin


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